1709, 2018

Good Sources for Indie Devs

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This is simply a collection of nice sources for people who develop games. We have used, or plan to use, all of them. If you have any feedback, or things that should be added, feel free to contact us on for example Twitter or just in the comment section below. PR/Marketing - A marketing consultant, aimed at indie devs. She has a lot of good info available in the web site as well. For example this post about sending reminders: and this video example of her giving a speech: I learnt some good stuff! Lots of gold nuggets in [...]

2404, 2018

Joining the Sting Incubator

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We have been talking with the friendly folks over at Sting for some time, and after talking with other game studios they are working with, we decided they would be a good fit for us. They liked us too, so we joined forces! The startup magazine Breakit wrote a short blurb on the joining companies here: article. What is Sting? Sting is an incubator in Stockholm, Sweden that helps start-ups in a lot of different industries. Now, what can they help us with? It's not going to be the making of the game, but there are a LOT of things surrounding [...]

2411, 2017

Registering for Steam Direct – the Guide

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Signing up for selling games via Steam is easier now than ever before. Before Greenlight, Steam had an internal vetting process. You could get (and did get) turned down if your game did not seem promising enough. With Greenlight, you had to appeal to the public instead. Now with Steam Direct you can just give Steam info, pay the fee, and you are in. I just did that, and I found a few bits of the process somewhat confusing at first, so I thought I should share that with you, and maybe you can have an easier time. This is going [...]

2303, 2017

The Convention Manual

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As an indie game developer, going to a game convention is a great way to meet your prospective audience, test the game with actual players, note their reaction, meet the press and socialize with fellow devs. I've been to some conventions before and loved it, but never with the task of manning a booth, and never with my own studio. In preparation for that, I decided to write a guide. The guide turned out fairly comprehensive, so I decided to share it with you. Before Book everything you can, as early as you can. First off the tickets and or [...]

711, 2016

How to Keep your Employees Part Two

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What should a company avoid, in order to keep their good employees? Plus some signs to look for when trying to decide if a company will be good to work for.

111, 2016

Hashtable Implementation Using Cuckoo Hashing

By |November 1st, 2016|Categories: Algorithms, C++|Comments Off on Hashtable Implementation Using Cuckoo Hashing

Background A hashtable is one of a select few datastructures that take the center spotlight when coding games. Other often encountered structures are vectors/dynamic arrays (of course), ring buffers and intrusive linked lists.  I will post about some of them in the future, but today is all about our hashtable implementation! In this post I will present Cuckoo hashing, which we use to implement our hashtable. Cuckoo hashing gets its name from the cuckoo family of birds, where many species lay eggs in other species nests. When a cuckoo chick hatches, it pushes other eggs/chicks out of the nest and gets all [...]

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