Well, this has been public for some time, but it has been brought to my attention that not everyone hangs out in our Discord/Twitter/Steam sphere, so I really should announce it here too! During the summer we signed on with the lovely publisher Team17 who we met first at an Arrowhead party, then at Nordic Game. We felt like all the people we talked to over at their office were really reasonable and sound people, and were excited to find that they really believed both in our team and in our game as well! So we signed a contract with them, and the collaboration was announced in September.

Things are going really well so far, and we are heading towards release as fast as we can, but not so fast that we need to crunch (important!). As our publisher, they help us with a lot of issues such as localization, QA, marketing etc. It is really a weight off off our shoulders, so we can focus on making Hammerting the best possible version we can make!

Here is the announcement at the Team17 site: https://www.team17.com/introducing-hammerting/hammerting/


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