A small studio in Sweden, currently working on their first game in this context; Hammerting! We focus on making great quality strategy titles for PC.


Warpzone Studios was founded in 2016 by industry veterans Linda Kiby Zetterman and Fredrik Zetterman. They have previously been working for Avalanche Studios and Paradox Development Studio. In 2017, Anders Elfgren joined forces with them. He also has a decade of experience from various studios, like Avalanche and Rockstar North. In 2019, things picked up the pace as five new people came in, they announced their first game (Hammerting), and signed with a publisher (Team17)!



Manage a Dwarven mining colony in the unexplored mountains of Mara. As a war rages in the Overworld, you will need to craft, explore and fight as you provide your allies with the finest weapons and gear to assist in the war against evil.


Hammerting Cinematic Trailer

Hammerting Announcement Trailer

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Download a zip with team images here: team (Photos by Linda Kiby Zetterman)

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An Incubator based in Stockholm, Sweden. We took part in a program with them called Sting Incubate, and it has been very helpful.


Linda Kiby Zetterman
Fredrik Kiby Zetterman
Anders Elfgren
Alex Dalborg
2D Artist
Björn Johannessen
Game Designer & Scripter


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