1611, 2021


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Hammerting is released! It feels amazing. We have been at this for five years. Did I ever mention how scope management is the hardest part of game development..? There has been some delay due to the fact that we have built our own engine, but now we have it, and the next game will require less effort. It started out as a rather small game, but as the team grew, we wanted to incorporate their strengths into the design as well, and we have always felt it was the right choice in the end, the game is so much better [...]

1401, 2021

The Hammerting Release and Early Access Journey

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Hammerting is out in Early Access since October (Steam and Epic etc) and this image above are some of the things we plan to  add during the period until the full release! Besides all features, we are constantly ironing out bugs, fixing crashes and adding small things to make the game more fun. But we do have a few bigger themes as you can see in the image above! Now, I'll tell you some more details on two of them. Expand Cave Life and Exploration This has been expanded upon a lot, but there is more we want to do, [...]

1202, 2020

Devlog – Items and Crafting

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So, I have to admit that we've had a devlog over on Steam for quite some time. You can flip through there for some more neat screenshots and info. Today though, we are going to discuss: Items Items, items, items. Any game with extensive crafting really does revolve around them, and it is therefore of the essence that the underlying systems governing and presenting them to the player rest on solid foundations. Ours, we like to think, do. Items in Hammerting are defined primarily in two ways, through their "Modifiers", and through their "Classifications". Rather than being hard [...]

2905, 2019

Hammerting Announced!

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HAMMERTING ANNOUNCED! I am SO excited! This is the game we have been working on all this time. This game, and its engine. I know there is no gameplay in the trailer, but you can see a (terribly hastily done) gameplay trailer and some screenshots in Steam or, take a look! If you like it, adding it to your wishlist would make us very happy. The homepage is here: Places to Reach Us We would love to have conversations with players during the development of this game. Both because that increases the chances of more people [...]

2502, 2019

Warpzone Studios Recruits Daniel Ottosson!

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If you have kept a close eye on our homepage for changes, you may have noticed I made a stealthy update on our about page recently. We are now a four person team! Daniel joined our ranks in the beginning of January, which means our art is now improving at an almost breakneck speed. (No overtime!) He fits right in, is a one-man stop for everything art related, and I would LOVE to show you what he is working on right now, but we have an announcement coming up, and it can wait until then. 🙂 I'll just post this [...]

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