Hammerting is out in Early Access since October (Steam and Epic etc) and this image above are some of the things we plan to  add during the period until the full release! Besides all features, we are constantly ironing out bugs, fixing crashes and adding small things to make the game more fun. But we do have a few bigger themes as you can see in the image above! Now, I’ll tell you some more details on two of them.

Expand Cave Life and Exploration

This has been expanded upon a lot, but there is more we want to do, so I can’t say it is done but… We are getting there! We added a lot of “quality of life” improvements, a Talent Tree for the dwarves so they can specialize, custom names (Dwarfy McDwarf-face?), more locations, Cave Missions that are meant to help you know what to focus on, better maps with better ore generation etc, a particle system for pretty lights, the Job Broker to help the dwarves know what to focus on, enemy waves, a sidebar in the overworld to find missions easier, the outliner and lots of other things. Some examples below:

Talent Tree, Job Broker and the Outliner with Cave Missions etc

Talent Tree, Job Broker and the Outliner with Cave Missions etc

Fluid System

We plan to add beautiful fluids to the cave map. Flowing naturally and taking up space, fluids provide both challenges and new opportunities. This update might come in iterations, adding a few fluids at the time. We’ll probably do water first, but lava, beer, oil etc are also in the plans. OF COURSE also beer and spirits, calm your beards. Revamped brewery crafting and the possibility to run your foundries with lava pumped from the depths below will add a new dimension to the game.

Water in-game.

So that are some of the things that are coming up in the near future for Hammerting!