This is simply a collection of nice sources for people who develop games. We have used, or plan to use, all of them. If you have any feedback, or things that should be added, feel free to contact us on for example Twitter or just in the comment section below.

PR/Marketing – A marketing consultant, aimed at indie devs. She has a lot of good info available in the web site as well. For example this post about sending reminders: and this video example of her giving a speech: I learnt some good stuff! Lots of gold nuggets in the other blog posts as well. – For quickly creating press kit sites about your company and per project. Created by @tha_rami at the indie studio Vlambeer. Free. I used it more like a template for our own press page, I think it is good to follow standards. – To easily get keys out to content creators. – On Youtubers – The actual cost of showing your game at a convention. A really good and thorough read.

Other lists/Accessibility/Success – One of the crossovers. Too good not to link. Tons of great info. – Includes the presskit tool I listed above, as well as a ton of other neat things. There are some crossovers between that list and this one. Check it out. – On indie economics. More geared towards mobile, and I’m not sure I agree with the conclusions, but still interesting. – On usability for different kinds of people. Many check for colorblind issues nowadays, but there are other things we can easily improve to help people play our games as well. Take a look!

Bonus! If you decide to apply for a job instead – How to apply for a job. In games, or anywhere really! Please read. SO many people make basic mistakes when applying for a job. One of the worst is probably to not personalize. Or to personalize and then send to the wrong company. E-mailing me and start with “Hello Mojang!” will not impress me one bit. – How to set up your portfolio.

Extra bonus for Swedish speakers – A site that contains a lot of useful info on trademarks etc.