We have been talking with the friendly folks over at Sting for some time, and after talking with other game studios they are working with, we decided they would be a good fit for us. They liked us too, so we joined forces!

The startup magazine Breakit wrote a short blurb on the joining companies here: article.

What is Sting?

Sting is an incubator in Stockholm, Sweden that helps start-ups in a lot of different industries.
Now, what can they help us with? It’s not going to be the making of the game, but there are a LOT of things surrounding that though. Some examples are pitch training, setting up a proper shareholders’ agreement, legal contacts for when we get contracts to sign, they have a big network of investors that might help us pay the bills. Plus they have helped a lot of startups and know common points of failure and can help us avoid them…

We also get an office for free for six months, and some investment opportunities right off the bat.

Going forward

We are going to start working with coaches, get training and all that after the summer. I am really thrilled, and looking forward seeing where this will land us! Warpzone Studios is aiming to grow and be a part of this industry for a long time, so we need to have a solid foundation to stand on!


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