Well, I wrote briefly about setting up a WordPress site to compare with Joomla. Spoiler alert, this is a WordPress site. Guess who won. I’m usually not afraid on a bit of technical mess, so I thought it might be fun to just mess around with Joomla and see what I could do. Then I installed a “free” theme that installed tons of plugins and other things that were kind of hard to get rid of. I felt like I had to wipe everything and start over. Which I did, only this time in WordPress.


WordPress was just so much easier to work with. People had been telling me this on Twitter, but I guess I”m stubborn and just had to find out for myself. Also, we bought a fancy theme, which helped, because it had it”s own neat site building tools installed on WordPress. Don”t blame the theme is you find this site n00bish though, I have not been messing around with building websites at all in the last few years now.

Now, notice the difference in my experience with the similar event chain?
Joomla – install theme – get extras installed – go ballistic.
Wordpress – install theme – get extras installed – go “neat!”

The difference was also in that the Joomla theme was “free”, and the WordPress one was not. So my conclusion might not apply to Joomla vs WordPress as much as you get what you pay for. Anyway. It works now, and I”m happy about it.